Time is money, when you waste time, you waste money! Having a list of questions to ask before you see an apartment will save you time and money.

And who got time for that!

I believe in being as efficient with my time and my client’s time, as possible. Therefore I try to address as many of their concerns prior to seeing an apartment as I can.

Finding an apartment can be very time consuming and can take months to complete. Utilizing your time property can make the process smoother and faster.

Making calls, scheduling appointments, traveling to apartments to see them in person, negotiating rents, all takes time and energy.

When it comes to finding an apartment, much of the information you need  to make a decision can be provided to you through a simple phone call or via email, preventing you from wasting your time, energy, and money by going to see an apartment that doesn’t  fit your furniture, cost more than what you’re willing to pay to move in, or is going to cost you more per month than another apartment that’s available.

Saving you money and time.

But you need to know what questions to ask, so you can get the right answers.

By asking the right questions you . . .

  1. Show the landlord/Real estate agent that you’re serious about finding an apartment.
  2. Get all the facts that are most important to you and/or your family
  3. Narrow down your search, so that you are only making time to see apartments that are suitable for you and/or your family, and not wasting time on apartments that do not meet your criteria.

5 Questions To Ask Before You See an Apartment

  1. What are the requirements; is there a minimum credit score required?
  2. How much is the application fee?
  3. How much is the security deposit?
  4. Are utilities included?
  5. What are the sizes of the rooms in the apartment, will the rooms fit my furniture?

Bonus: Are pets allowed?

You don’t want to find an apartment that you love and then find out that the landlord doesn’t allow pets, or that you’ll have to spend more money every month to pay a pet fee or pet deposit.

Can you think of any other key questions to ask before you see an apartment that would be useful?

Do you think I covered all the bases with the 5 questions listed above?

Check out my Youtube video for more details.

This video is about 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK BEFORE SETTING AN APPOINTMENT to go out and see an apartment.

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